Screening & Prevention

Professional Screening & Prevention for Lice Cases

Before initiating any treatments, the first step we take is to make sure the treatment is necessary. We perform a visual examination of the hair and meticulously comb through each section, carefully inspecting any suspicious findings under our microscope. Should we detect the presence of lice, the expense of the head check will be credited towards a Lice-Tech Heated Air Treatment.

Please note the following clarifications regarding head checks:

  1. Head checks do not involve further combing if a positive lice case is confirmed.
  2. Negative cases are determined when we thoroughly comb the entire head and determine there are no lice or eggs present.
  3. Oil Treatment Application is not included in the head check service. However, it is available as an optional service at an additional cost.
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Can You Avoid Exposure?

Unless your children live in a sterile bubble, it’s nearly impossible to shield them from exposure to lice. These pesky parasites are remarkably contagious and can swiftly spread, particularly in settings where numerous children congregate, such as schools, daycares, and camps. Astonishingly, lice infestations affect a staggering 6 to 12 million school kids annually, making it almost as widespread and contagious as the common cold. However, the key lies in promptly seeking treatment to reduce the impact and prevent further transmission. Swift action can make a significant difference in containing the problem and safeguarding both your children and those around them. Remember, early detection and appropriate treatment are essential steps in managing lice infestations effectively.

If you suspect you or your child has lice, contact our professional lice removal clinic now and book an appointment to get your hair treated. Don’t suffer in silence anymore – let our certified specialist take care of the problem and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Screening & Prevention

If you receive a letter from your child’s school, coach, or camp about lice cases, don’t wait to take action. Even if there are no visible signs of lice, your child could still be infested and delay increases the risk of spreading. Contact Lice Clinic of Metro East right away for a screening to ensure peace of mind and prevent further complications.

Our Lice Screening Process

We Will Ask Simple Questions

Upon arriving at our clinic, we will begin by asking you a few simple questions. These will include:

  • Why do you think you have lice?
  • What are your symptoms (intense itching, bleeding, head sores)?
  • Have you noticed any red bumps on the head, neck, or shoulders?
  • Have you seen a bug?
  • Have you seen any small clear, amber, brown, or white objects in your hair?
  • Are there others you think may have been exposed in your household or with whom you’ve had contact?
  • Do you know someone that has recently been diagnosed as positive for lice?
We Will Start Screening

After the answers have been obtained, we will wet the patient’s hair to enhance visibility and give us the best chance to see the lice. We may then apply conditioner to facilitate smoother combing. Dividing the hair into small sections, we meticulously comb through each using a professional fine-toothed nit comb. A bright light aids us in closely inspecting the scalp for the presence of lice or nits.

Rest assured, our trained experts know precisely what to look for, ensuring that this process is quick and convenient. However, a comprehensive examination is necessary to accurately evaluate the extent of infestation because it enables us to recommend an appropriate treatment plan. To prevent re-infestation, having all family members screened is essential.

Screening Costs

The screening and assessment cost $25, which will be waived if you choose to proceed with one of our heat treatments. There is an added cost of $20 for each additional family member we screen. Regardless of your decision, you will receive invaluable free information on how to treat your home and environment, along with essential tips for preventing future lice infestations.

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Lice Treatment Consultation

After conducting a thorough examination of the individuals suspected of lice infestation, we will provide you with comprehensive guidance on the available treatment plan options for those found to have lice or nits. This crucial discussion is aimed at assisting you in selecting the most suitable treatment approach, ensuring that you, your family, and your home are entirely free from lice. Our experienced team will carefully explain each treatment option, detailing its effectiveness, application process, and any essential aftercare. We understand the importance of tailoring the treatment to everyone’s needs, taking into account factors like age, severity of infestation, and personal preferences.

By offering personalized advice, we aim to empower you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision that promotes a lice-free environment and ensures the well-being of your loved ones.

Count on us to be your partners in this process, supporting you every step of the way toward a lice-free and worry-free life. Call us at 618.929.2099 or book an appointment online.


To minimize the risk of lice infestation, adopting preventive measures is crucial, especially for children who often engage in group activities. While it may not be feasible to avoid all situations that pose a risk, several precautions can significantly help in prevention:


Refrain from sharing items that come into contact with the head, such as combs, brushes, towels, helmets, hats, scarves, hair accessories, earbuds, and headsets.


Please do not hang upper body clothing in shared closets or coatrooms to keep communal spaces hygienic. If needed, use a personal locker or private coat hanger. 


Choose metal, wood, or plastic chairs in public spaces like doctor’s offices or libraries to avoid lice and nits which can survive for up to 48 hours on upholstered furniture or rugs.


To get rid of lice, wash exposed clothes and treat combs and brushes in 130°F hot water. Seal unwashable items in plastic bags and freeze for 48 hours to kill lice and nits.

By adopting these preventive steps, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of lice infestation, ensuring a more lice-free and comfortable environment for you and your family.