Our Policies

Policies for Professional Lice Removal Service

At the Lice Clinic of Metro East in Maryville, IL, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and have implemented policies that reflect our commitment to providing the best possible care. Our re-treatment policy ensures your complete satisfaction; in the rare event of lice reappearing within 30 days of our Full Treatment, we’ll re-treat you at no additional cost. We also believe in preventive measures, which is why we offer family screenings to identify and address potential infestations among close contacts. Timeliness is essential, and we encourage clients to be on time for their appointments to avoid any disruptions to the treatment process. While we strive to assist everyone, certain contraindications may prevent us from treating specific patients. These include underage individuals without parental consent, clients with open wounds or injuries on the head or neck, and those who may have medical conditions incompatible with our treatment methods. Our policies ensure a safe and effective lice treatment experience, allowing us to maintain a high standard of care for all our valued clients.

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Arrival Timing

How Late is Too Late?

Punctuality Matters! Like most appointments, we kindly request that you arrive on time. If you happen to be more than 15 minutes late, we may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. In the event of an available slot after your original appointment time, we will be delighted to accommodate you. However, if we have another client scheduled, we regrettably won’t be able to proceed with the treatment. Should a reschedule become necessary due to late arrival, a new deposit will be required.

How Early is Too Early?

Regarding Early Arrivals: Since we operate on an appointment-only basis, arriving early might find the building unoccupied or the door locked. Or if we’re open, we may be tending to other clients and unable to commence your appointment ahead of schedule. Luckily Maryville, IL, has plenty of shops and restaurants to offer a pleasant way to pass the time until your designated appointment time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to your appointed time.

How You Should Prepare for Your Lice Treatment Appointment

To best prepare for your lice treatment appointment, our professionals recommend following certain guidelines. Please wash your hair prior to your appointment, but ensure it is completely dry when you arrive at our facility. Do not come in with wet hair or apply any products like gels or mousse that could interfere with our inspection and treatment process. Clean, dry hair is necessary so we can perform the treatment effectively. Also, please brush your hair so it is free of tangles. This will reduce the time it takes to prepare your hair and eliminate an additional step. We also advise that our patients not stress about this appointment because we will make it as pleasant and painless as possible. Treat it like a spa day and try to relax as we clean and massage your scalp, ensuring all lice and nits are completely removed. We will also provide several safe and effective ways to clean your home and minimize the chance of re-infestation. It is also a good idea to bring along family members or anyone you live with so they can be checked as well. We want to rule out further infestation and treat anyone who needs our lice treatment. Expect your appointment to last for 1-1.5 hours, so feel free to bring a book or snack or anything else you might want to help you pass the time.

Contraindications to Our Heated Air Treatment

PLEASE NOTE: Our Lice-Tech heat treatment device cannot be used to treat persons with the following contraindications:

  • Under the age of three
  • Crying or declining treatment
  • Cannot sense temperature or pain
  • Cannot communicate physical discomfort
  • Hair that is matted to the scalp
  • No head lice as determined during a head check by our clinicians
  • Received radiation treatment to the head within the last six months
  • Cranial or facial implants (examples include cochlear implants, plates, shunts)
  • Open head wounds, stitches, staples, large sores, or visible signs of certain skin or scalp abnormalities
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We Stand Behind Our Services!

Our 30-Day Re-Treatment Policy

FREE – If there is evidence of a continuing live lice infestation within 30 days of the initial Full Treatment, we will do a comb-out for FREE. Re-infestations are not covered.

FREE – If you have any questions or problems, one of our clinicians will call you back to discuss them.

FREE – If you find something while combing that you’re not sure about, we will check it for you!

FREE – Our 100% support can give you priceless peace of mind.

* All parents and siblings must be head-checked by one of our trained technicians for this policy to be valid.

Included Free With Our Service

FREE information about how to treat your home and environment.

FREE information about how to prevent future infestations of lice.

You may be able to return to work and get your kids back in school the next day!

If you know or suspect that you or someone you care about may have a lice infestation, we encourage you to Book an Appointment Now.