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Lice Infestations
at Schools & Camps

It’s important to be aware that lice infestations can be quite common in schools and camps. Due to the close contact that children have during activities, these pesky little creatures can easily spread from one person to another. It can be overwhelming and stressful to deal with these situations, but there’s no need to panic! You can rely on the expertise and professionalism of the Lice Clinic of Metro East to help you out. Our team understands the particular challenges that come with lice infestations in communal settings such as schools and camps, and we have specialized programs in place to address these situations. What’s even better is that we offer the convenience of on-site visits to ensure that dealing with the problem is both efficient and hassle-free. 

So, if you’re ever faced with a lice infestation at a school or camp, don’t hesitate to have your children treated by our experienced staff, who use non-toxic and effective methods to rid lice and nits. Book an appointment today and rest assure that our team is here to help and ensure a lice-free environment for all.

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Lice Can Multiply Fast!

Lice infestations frequently occur in settings where groups of children gather, such as daycares, schools, and camps, making them ideal breeding grounds for lice. Contrary to popular belief, lice don’t necessarily require the sharing of combs or brushes to spread. They can easily transfer to others by hitching a ride on clothes that encounter the head, like hats, sweaters, coats, shirts, and jackets. Interestingly, even after being removed from their food source—human skin’s blood supply—lice can persist for up to 24-48 hours. During this time, they can travel through various means, including via clothes, hats, head-to-head contact, combs, or brushes, to infest another person’s head.

Teenagers may unknowingly trade clothing with their friends, while children at slumber parties often share the same bed, and some toddlers display affection by hugging their classmates. In these seemingly innocent activities, lice can easily pass from one person to another, leading to the potential spread of infestations. Remaining aware of these transmission methods can help in adopting preventive measures to minimize the risk of lice infestations and maintain a lice-free environment.

Symptoms of a Possible Lice Outbreak

Nurses are often well-versed in recognizing the telltale symptoms of lice infestation, allowing for swift intervention. However, when affected children are present in a classroom or camp setting, teachers and counselors might not readily identify the signs. Consequently, early detection becomes even more critical, as it can significantly curtail the spread of the infestation among the group. By raising awareness about the symptoms and promoting a proactive approach to lice detection, educators and caregivers can effectively safeguard the well-being of their students and camp attendees. Timely action in identifying and addressing lice infestations ensures a healthier and more comfortable environment for everyone involved. Some symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Persistent itching on the scalp
  • Red bumps on the scalp or neck
  • Sores that develop from scratching
  • Small bugs on the scalp
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Irritability

Our School & Camp Program

Lice Clinic of Metro East offers convenient on-site visits to provide comprehensive information on lice screening and treatment. In instances where suspected lice cases arise, we ensure that specific literature is provided to the affected children, allowing them to take essential guidance home to their parents. Our specialized programs cater to both private and public schools, spanning from daycare through college, as well as day camps and overnight camps. Typically, the process begins with a call from school nurses, administrators, or camp counselors, who suspect or have observed several children infested with lice. With parental authorization, we conduct on-site screenings and treatments for the children, ensuring that all affected individuals are identified and equipped with the necessary literature and treatment options to address the issue effectively. To further support schools, we offer free nurse phone consultations. If a nurse suspects a child has lice, we are readily available to address questions and provide guidance in spotting symptoms. Upon request and with parental consent, we can conduct screenings on-site, whether school-wide or grade-based, for added convenience and timely intervention.

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Reduce Absenteeism Due to Lice

Our experts have treated many cases of lice and we completely understand how stressful it can be to discover an infestation. The whole situation can make many feel queasy and wonder how to eradicate the problem and make everything and everyone clean and lice-free again. For camps, no children want to be sent away because of this pest problem. If you have a case of lice or even multiple cases, please consider consulting with our team of experts. With our on-site lice treatment services at schools or camps, children no longer need to go back home at all. They can continue their day at school or camp without any risk of further infestation. Our unique signature heated dehydration treatment & oil treatment efficiently eliminates lice and nits without the need for harsh chemicals. In just 90 minutes or less, we can have your child completely lice-free, ready to return to their classes or enjoy all the exciting activities at summer camp. With our safe and swift approach, your child can resume their daily routine without any disruptions caused by lice concerns.

Don’t Stress if There’s a Lice Infestation
We’re Here to Help!

Lice infestation is not a disease and is not indicative of poor hygiene, so there’s no need for unnecessary anxiety. With early identification and proper treatment, lice can typically be eliminated within a matter of hours. However, in settings with a significant number of afflicted children, it is crucial to address all the affected individuals to prevent the infestation from spreading further. For a highly effective and non-toxic head lice removal solution that completely resolves the issue the first time, rely on our expertly trained technicians. We provide harmless products and exceptional services that have been proven to work, prioritizing your safety and comfort. The whole process doesn’t need to be stressful, especially because we can deliver effective results quickly, so it’s almost like the infestation never even happened. Rest assured that your children will be lice-free once again, granting you the peace of mind you seek.