Know the
Facts of Lice

Know the Facts of Lice

Lice Clinic of Metro East knows how stressful lice can be! Our team is dedicated to providing effective and hassle-free lice removal solutions to alleviate the burden and restore peace of mind.

Professional Lice Screening & Treatment
Belleville Illinois

It’s not uncommon for children to bring lice home from school or camp, potentially subjecting your Belleville, IL home to a lice infestation. If you suspect lice in your household, consider visiting the Lice Clinic of Metro East. Our highly skilled technicians possess the necessary tools and techniques to locate and remove lice meticulously. While over-the-counter lice products are available, they’re generally less effective than the professional services provided by our experts. Head lice can spread easily and feed on blood from the scalp. Our specialists utilize safe and approved products to eradicate lice, ensuring your health and well-being are protected. When you contact our experts for lice screening and treatment services, you can count on swift and effective lice treatment that not only resolves the issue but also saves you money.

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Our Services & Lice Awareness

What We Offer

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Screening & Prevention

Upon receiving a notice about lice cases among those in contact with your child, it’s vital to take immediate action. Contact the Lice Clinic of Metro East for a screening to prevent further complications.

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Treatments & Pricing

Lice Clinic of Metro East offers safe and non-toxic treatments for lice and nits removal, with our skilled clinicians providing personalized solutions for immediate relief from lice infestations.

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Schools & Camps

Get professional help for lice infestations in schools and camps from the Lice Clinic of Metro East. Our programs include on-site visits, non-toxic treatment, and a guarantee of a lice-free environment.

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At Home Lice Clean-Up

Lice Clinic of Metro East has created an At Home Lice Clean-Up guide that helps parents with step-by-step instructions on how to identify and treat lice using inexpensive and chemical-free home remedies.

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Lice Education

Having lice is tough, but knowing the facts and proper treatment is key. Seek help from experts like the Lice Clinic of Metro East for safe and efficient treatments to eliminate lice and nits.

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Our Policies

At Lice Clinic of Metro East, we prioritize the well-being of our clients. Our policies guarantee a safe and effective lice treatment experience, maintaining a high standard of care for all our valued clients.

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Understanding Lice

How Do You Get Lice?

Head lice are tiny wingless insects. They live among human hairs and feed on blood from the scalp. They cannot fly or jump, but they can crawl quickly at a rate of 9 inches per minute. An adult louse is very tiny: about the size of a sesame seed. Females are larger and can lay up to eight eggs (nits) every day. Nits hatch within 6-9 days. These “nymphs” take another 8-9 days to grow to maturity and begin reproducing again. Lice and nits are usually located on the back of the head near the neckline or behind the ears. They may also be in the eyelashes or eyebrows. Lice can live up to 30 days on the head, but only 1-2 days if removed from the host.

Head lice are transmitted from one person to another through direct head-to-head contact. Activities like hugging, sleeping in the same bed, or sharing brush, comb, backpack, or clothes from someone infected with lice can transfer them as well. Pets don’t get human lice or vice versa because lice are species-specific. Contrary to some opinions, getting lice is not the result of a lack of hygiene or a dirty environment. Lice need blood to survive, and they don’t care if it’s from a clean or dirty head. Lice do not transmit disease either, though the itching they cause can lead to head-scratching, which can sometimes cause infections.

Dependable Lice Screening
Belleville Illinois

When you come to the Lice Clinic of Metro East, we offer a thorough screening process. If you suspect lice in your Belleville, IL home, we’ll begin by asking a series of questions to understand better why you suspect a lice infestation before beginning the search. Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll start by wetting the hair, and if it’s tangled, we may apply conditioner to facilitate a smoother examination of the hair and the identification of lice and their eggs. Our experienced experts know what to look for. Using a fine-toothed comb and a bright light, we’ll section off the hair and meticulously comb through it. If it’s determined that you or someone in your home has lice, opting for our heat treatments will waive the screening cost. Identifying lice can be challenging, which is why when you reach

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Lice Treatment Consultation
Belleville Illinois

At the Lice Clinic of Metro East, our experts are dedicated to finding the right treatment for you while considering your budget. We aim to create a lice-free environment for your family. Our specialists will sit down with you to discuss the available treatment options and their effectiveness. We provide various treatment choices, including a full treatment and an express treatment. Our heat treatment effectively eliminates lice eggs, though it doesn’t eliminate live lice. This is where our oil treatment comes into play. It not only kills live lice but also helps in removing dead nits. If you prefer not to receive treatment at our facility, we offer a cost-effective DIY professional lice removal product for use at your Belleville, IL home. When you opt for our DIY product, you gain access to high-quality tools and formulas that effectively combat lice. While this method does require additional time and effort, you can be confident in achieving successful results. If you wish to maintain a lice-free home, reach out to us for a lice treatment consultation.

Benefits of Seeking Professional Lice Treatment

At the Lice Clinic of Metro East, our professional lice treatment is run by highly trained and experienced experts who possess the knowledge and tools necessary for an effective lice removal process. This specialized expertise significantly increases the likelihood of successfully eliminating lice infestations. It not only tackles the existing infestation but also incorporates preventive measures to ward off future re-infestations by covering educational components focused on lice prevention. Many Alton, IL residents who have turned to us for assistance have reported experiencing the following advantages:


Lice experts have specialized knowledge & expertise in identifying and treating lice infestations, ensuring effective solutions.


Lice professionals meticulously comb through the hair to remove lice and nits, leaving no room for any remaining pests.

Safe & Effective

 Lice professionals use safe and approved products to eliminate lice, protecting your health and well-being.

Reduced Risk

Lice professionals ensure comprehensive treatment, reducing the chances of lice returning and spreading to others.

Time Saving

Professional lice treatments are typically faster and more efficient than DIY methods, saving you time and frustration.


Lice professionals maintain strict confidentiality, ensuring your privacy during the treatment process.

Education & Prevention

Lice professionals educate on preventive measures to avoid lice infestations and educate on management.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a lice professional provides peace of mind by knowing experts are handling the situation effectively.

Lice Prevention
Belleville Illinois

Lice prevention plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthy and comfortable environment, particularly in schools, households, and communal areas in Belleville, IL. These tiny insects can bring about significant discomfort and inconvenience. Here, we outline essential strategies for effective lice prevention. First, it is important to refrain from sharing personal items such as hats, combs, or hair accessories, as lice can easily spread through close contact with contaminated belongings. Avoid storing upper body clothing in shared closets or coatrooms, and when in communal spaces, opt for sitting on metal, wood, or plastic chairs. Regularly washing items that come into contact with the head, such as bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals, can effectively eliminate lice and their nits. Developing awareness and actively participating in preventive measures are essential in the battle against lice. If you have any further questions regarding lice prevention, do not hesitate to contact the Lice Clinic of Metro East for guidance and assistance.

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Why Choose Our Lice Services
Belleville Illinois

When you or someone in your household starts experiencing itchiness on the head, lice may be the culprit, and dependable treatment is essential. That’s why the Lice Clinic of Metro East is here, equipped with the expertise and tools needed to provide a thorough lice treatment service. We not only offer reliable screening and treatment but also extend our services to schools, daycares, and camps. Our school and camp program involves on-site visits in Belleville, IL ensuring that educational institutions and camp facilities are equipped to tackle lice outbreaks. If lice are detected among students or campers, our team can swiftly conduct on-site screenings and treatments. This approach ensures that everyone dealing with lice receives the necessary information and treatment options to address these small insects effectively. To learn more about our exceptional services that will help you bid farewell to those pesky infestations while saving both time and money, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 618.929.2099.

Exceptional Service


Effective Lice Treatment

Our 3-step process featuring exclusive heated air technology boasts over 99% effectiveness in eliminating lice and their eggs. Contact Lice Clinic of Metro East today at 618.929.2099 to speak with a lice specialist and explore the lice treatment options available in the Metro East.


Safe, Fast, & Easy

Experience the effectiveness of our exclusive heated air treatment that eliminates lice and eggs in just one treatment. * We take pride in our professional lice removal service and offer a guarantee: in the rare event of a heated treatment failure, we provide a FREE 30-day re-treatment at our clinic.


Affordable & Attentive

Our lice clinic provides affordable and attentive services with a dedicated team, ensuring effective and personalized lice removal for peace of mind. We prioritize your comfort, offering top-notch care and affordable pricing to help your family get rid of lice with ease.